A Round A Day – Starts 8th June

From Monday June 8th I invite you to join a Zoom meeting each weekday morning at 9am (BST) for about 20 minutes where I will teach one round. At the end you will be able to sing it along with the multi track recording and everyone who has joined the meeting. Afterwards you will get a link to the sound file to help you remember it.

Rounds are brilliant!

Everyone learns the same tune and then, miraculously, when you stagger the start time you are immediately singing in harmony. They range from simple and short to long and complicated.

The Elizabethans were mad for them. Composers of the time valued them so highly that they wrote hundreds of them for practice; they got ever more elaborate and often had extremely suggestive lyrics. These rounds were definitely not for children. We will learn at least one of these.

Amongst the pandemic of choirs over the last 20 years or so rounds have become highly valued as warm-ups and a source of fantastic harmony. Lots of people have written new ones. We will do some of these too. A good tune and a burst of harmony to start your day and keep your voice and your spirits in trim!

Times are hard for Musicians at the moment. Half the money you donate for these sessions will go to Help Musicians UK.

I will choose some short rounds and some longer ones. They may be old or new, happy or sad, serious or funny but all will be beautiful. Rounds for the first five days are

  • Go to Joan Glover
  • Silence is the song
  • Old Jim John
  • A Cat meditating
  • Gently let the evening breeze

Donations? yes please!

One session £4.00, One week of five sessions £18.00

Please click here to donate/pay

Half the money will be going to Help Musicians UK

Zoom link

To join the Zoom meeting any day click here
Password = roundaday


I am a composer and singer who has been leading choirs and singing groups for the past 20 years. I know the value of these songs and all are tried and tested on real, unvirtual people as well as, more recently, during Zoom sessions (which I now call zessions) where they are invaluable. Whether you lead singing groups and are looking for more rep or you just want to have a good sing I look forward to seeing and hearing you.

I am also a cyclist. Just before ‘lockdown’ I was poised to launch a new project called Cycling and Singing A Round. The name is self explanatory. It was/is going to take place on carefully planned routes with lovely stopping places for singing. But whilst we can’t do this yet we can get prepared by learning the music.

Three things about Sally

She leads the Wing-It Singers who sing Georgian, Balkan, Bulgarian, French, Spanish and British folk songs

She sings with Davies & Daughters

She sings and plays violin, baritone horn and an assortment of whistles with her duo Bow and Bellows

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